Riviera waterbike challenge

Rommy Gianni – A real team player
March 2017
Riviera Boat Challenge Press Release
May 2017

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The draw for the teams of the Riviera water bike challenge took place on Monday 15th May in the presence of many famous athletes. David Coulthard was the driver of the event.

This very first water bike race, this funny bike mounted on floats, will allow 10 teams of 5 participants to compete.Composed of two sports celebrities, and three amateurs, they will run on a single engine from Nice to Monaco, on June 4th.Driver Mika Hakkinen, runner Paula Radcliffe, rugby player Simon Shaw, or freedman Pierre Frolla will be part of the cast.

The whole object of the drawing of this Monday was to determine who will run with whom, and in which team.


They were then able to test their future mount for the first time. Next time will be the day of the race.

What spice up the game: “I wanted to do something really fun, and then I think we’ll have fun What I finish the race or not, does not really matter What.. Which counts is to participate, and to highlight the cause for which we run , “said Simon Shaw, who fears that his 127 kg does not harm him.


The good cause in question is the construction of a training center for first aid and swimming in Burkina Faso. This center, housed in the former Monaco pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Milan, will enable 1,000 high schools to be sensitized to aquatic risks and to learn swimming.

The objective is to fight against accidental drownings, which represent the third cause of death by accident in the world. One person drowns every 85 seconds in the world.

Princess Charlène of Monaco was keen to bring this fact to light and to do everything possible to remedy it. Thus, it is its foundation that is at the origin of its race, and the project of training center in Burkina Faso.