Outward Bound Monaco

Rommy Gianni wins St. Moritz with the Cartier team
January 2017
Outward Bound Monaco
March 2017

Outward Bound Monaco

Their mission

To unlock the potential in young people through discovery and adventure in the wild.

Their core values

A belief that we all have undiscovered potential – they aim to create moments when everyone can see and believe in themselves as never before and to translate such moments into lessons for everyday life.

A belief in the power and magic of learning through adventure in the wild – as a means of bringing out the best in people.

A deep appreciation of the balance between risk, reward and responsibility – we want people to have intense experiences with real consequences and powerful, positive and memorable outcomes.

A spirit of respect and compassion – we aim to stretch people both physically and mentally. In doing so they act with care, concern and generosity towards people and the natural environment.

Their new strategic plan, Arriving Where They Started, re-defines their purpose and values as a charity and sets a challenging agenda for the future.

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Outward Bound Monaco

“Sport delivers life’s most valuable lessons.
The discipline, the dedication, the passion and the humility one learns through sport are the most precious guidelines for anyone’s life.” – Rommy Gianni. Rommy, as a dedicated member of the OBM Patrons Club with the help of the team ambassador Samy Sass and Monte Carlo Polo Team, support Outward Bound Monaco .

Helping the next generation fulfil their true potential is a mission Rommy is proud to support.

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